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Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Canada

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Our food is infused with taste and culture.

Restaurant Route 66: Serving a Range of Cuisines in Canada

Owned and operated by Mohamed Attia, Restaurant Route 66 brings together a diverse range of cuisines together under one roof. With over a decade of experience, Mohamed Attia has developed a skill to craft dishes that are delectable and cater to a wide range of palates. If you love Mediterranean, Canadian or American cuisines, then Restaurant Route 66 is the place to be. We offer everything from popular tacos to impeccable donair and other types of sandwiches which means that there’s something delicious for everyone at our restaurant. Furthermore, our bread is freshly baked and is served hot straight from the oven.


If you’re someone who likes to experiment with new styles of food, then visit us to give your palate an unforgettable treat. We offer both dine-in and takeout options.

To know more about us and our menu, feel free to get in touch with us today.


Why Choose Us?

Restaurant Route 66 serves food that unites a plethora of people all over Canada. It was founded by Mohamed Attia in 2020 with the goal of amalgamating multiple cuisines so that the restaurant brings together people to enjoy new styles of food. Along with showcasing a wide range of cuisines, we also offer dietary options for those who prefer gluten-free, low-carb and organic food. We make use of only fresh, local produce and ingredients so that each dish that we serve is healthy and delicious. No matter what the occasion, we will leave you happy and satisfied.

Menus at Restaurant Route 66

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